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01 : i n t r o d u c t i o n 
Welcome to Middle of the Sky, a community for icons and graphics in general. Our primary focus is on anime, manga, and video-game fandoms. Not into any of these? Go somewhere else.

We are not an elitist or professional community. We are a group of icon/header/graphic-makers who enjoy what we do as a hobby. Feel free to watch us; we're more than happy to see you here!

Currently, lianchini is the only posting iconmaker. Even so, she still refers to the community (herself) as if there were multiple people running it. Oh, and she takes requests. :]
02 : c o m m u n i t y  r u l e s 
Although rules (ew) for snagging icons/graphics may vary among the graphic artists, there are a few basic ones that should apply for everything posted:

■ Comment&credit if you take anything. :)
■ PLEASE, no stealing, hotlinking, or redistribution.
■ Textless = don't edit, unless they've been specified as bases.

And just for the general community:
■ Excessive swearing/drama is frowned upon.
■ Flaming is a no-no. Be good kids, now. =X

All of that is pretty much common sense, and, er, yeah. Ooh, and don't forget to enjoy your stay here! ♥
03 : a f f i l i a t e s 

⇒ so, you wanna affiliate?
04 : c r e d i t s 
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