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Tutorial #2 - Fia from Riviera: The Promised Land

 T U T O R I A L  # 2
» for PSP9 // intermediate
» translatable? no idea; you tell me.
» overlay & lighten layers
» creating 'dodge' light textures
» slightly image-heavy...?

Result of step(s)##Tutorial
01Start with image. Rotate, crop, and sharpen to your liking.
By the way, this is the original image I cropped the base from. It's one of the wallpapers that came in the Prologue/Epilogue discs.
02Adjust > Automatic Color Balance.
Strength: 30
Temperature: 3860
Remove color cast: unchecked
03Adjust > Automatic Contrast Enhancement.
Bias: Neutral
Strength: Mild
Appearance: Bold
04Adjust > Automatic Saturation Enhancement.
Bias: Less colourful
Strength: Weak
Skintones present: unchecked (helps preserve colors of her face. yeh, it's a paradox xD)

You may have to alter the above steps so that they fit your image, because obviously, every image is different and will 'react' differently to those steps.

05Duplicate the layer, and set to Soft Light 100%.
06New layer. Fill with #e0c28e; set to Overlay 100%.
Lovely brightness galore! Works like copy-merging and setting it to Screen, except much better!
07New layer. Fill with #b06461; set to Lighten on ANY opacity %.

The layer will flatly color all the darkest parts of the image (including lines, filled areas, some shadows...), and may affect some medium-colored parts as well. This is definitely the kind of effect that you must play around with while making the icon, hence the reason why I did not include a number for the %. It has the potential to make very colorful, interesting icons.
While making this tutorial, I couldn't keep my cursor off of the opacity bar for it. It can make an icon look very different if you move the slider even so much as 20%.

08Take this texture by awmp. Set to Burn 16%.
09Take this gradient by colorfilter. Set to Overlay 58%.
10Now, we'll be making our own light textures.

Pick a light color like #cbd5f5. Have your paint brush settings like this:
Size: 50-70
Hardness: 0
Opacity: 100

Create a new layer. Click once in the very middle of the icon. Make sure that the resulting soft blob does not go off the icon's canvas, or else when you move it around, the light will look oddly (and ugly-ly) cut off. Set to Dodge 54%. Move to your liking.
11Now we'll be making another texture. Create a new layer. Use the same brush settings as before, but decrease the size to something small (5-10). Remember, the hardness setting makes the brush bigger than you think it would be.

Paint some randomly arranged shapes or blobs on various parts of the canvas. If you make textures like this all the time, you might be able to figure out how to arrange them strategically on the canvas for interesting effects. Make sure to keep them away from the first texture's blob - don't let them touch each other. (You'll understand once you blur it next.)

Adjust > Blur > Radial Blur.
Blur type: Spin
Strength (%): I used 66, but you should mess around with the settings a bit :3
Protect center (%): 0 or a really low number.
Set the crosshairs so they're around the area where you placed the first light blob. Hit OK. The resulting effect should be a "halo", or really blurry circles.

Set the layer to Dodge 38%. Look Ma, no red screen blobs of d00m!
12That's pretty much it, really. Everything else is up to you, 'cause there's really no "absolute" border or text you need to use for this icon. I used a tiny text brush, and a border that I made myself (but you can find others like it everywhere).

Comments, feedback (with your results), and critique on how this could be improved are loved. :D Feel free to WATCH!
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